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  • AGILE PROCESSES, CI and Shipping to prod daily


Our Dev Team Culture

A quick g'day from the ReactJS Meetup regularly held at HQ. 

We see our high volume, large scale eCommerce site as an opportunity for innovation and revolution - both in technology and business.

We welcome new technologies, ideas and ways of working at every level.

Our team regularly host events to share our experiences and learn from others both externally (eg. community nights) and internally (eg. tech team learn and lunch).

We like to have some fun both with work (like our hack days) and play!

How We Work

We start every day with a standup at our teams wall. The first question we ask is what are we shipping today? Then we work as a team to move our cards from left to right across our columns.

We move fast - we love shipping daily, it's often that we or one of our stakeholders can have an idea in the AM and it be live in the PM.

Our product development process takes inspiration from agile, lean and scrum ways of working and is an ever evolving one, improved informally daily and more formally from our fortnightly retros.

At the start of each fortnight, we have a kogan wide priorities session and at the end we have an automated report (run from Jenkins) of all the cards in the live column of our Trello board. We go through so many cards we had to build our own Trello Printer, eClaire!

We approach business problems differently - the world famous IE7 Tax was just one unique approach to a problem by the Dev Team!  

ie7tax's unique approach to supporting legacy browsers ... our IE7 Tax went viral overnight with publications in every major newspaper, #1 trending topic on Twitter worldwide and Hacker News!

Taking what we've learned online to the Pop-Up Store

What We Work On

We have end-to-end responsibility from idea to launch for all apps & services.  This includes the flagship site, iOS App and Android App amongst other innovative business critical solutions we have built.

We are a very 'cross functional' team with a diverse range of responsibilities over the business so cards can range from a new business initiative to infrastructure optimisations and everything in between.

The tech we build:

  • Enables our customers to quickly identify the product(s) they want and need, and seamlessly checkout whether they are at their desk or on the go.

  • Collects, processes and learns from our customer data - driving a highly targeted and personalised experience for our customers

  • Optimises for performance to accommodate a speedy experience for our huge traffic volume - whether it be at the application or infrastructure level

  • Gains efficiencies for staff across all areas of through the targeted identification and application of automation and technology

  • Improves developer productivity, quality and collaboration

Read More About The Cool Stuff We Do On Our Team Blog.

The Back End

  • Continuous delivery across multiple application servers primarily on AWS

  • Use and build Application Monitoring and Insight tools (so we know when something unexpected has happened)

  • Locate performance bottlenecks (CPU, Memory or Storage bound) and optimising or refactoring them which may involve complex SQL or DB specific queries

  • Improve search engine performance speed, retrieval and relevance scores

  • Implement innovative machine-learning features for product recommendations and more

  • Build developer helpers and tools (like Jenkins & Docker which allows our developers to push their branch to the cloud for UA testing)

  • Build and maintain performant RESTful web APIs to power mobile apps and sites

  • Multiple services operating to provide the end customer experience.  We primarily work with Python & Django - but have the approach of using the right tool for the job.

The Front End

  • JS frameworks (React with some Backbone still in there)

  • Browser module loaders (RequireJS, Browserify)

  • Unit testing frameworks (Jasmine, Mocha)

  • Build tools (Grunt, Gulp, Webpack)

  • The usual JS libraries (jQuery, lodash/underscore)

  • Browser dev tools 

  • DOM event cycle (capturing, bubbling, delegation)

  • AJAX and asynchronous control flow (callbacks, promises)

  • HTML5, progressive enhancement and cross-browser compatibility and testing 

  • Prototypal inheritance

  • JS module patterns

  • Pubsub, observer, emitter patterns Mobile Apps

The Mobile Apps

  • Build new and game changing features for our iPhone and Android phone mobile apps.

  • Ownership of these features from idea to deployment.

  • Maintaining a high level of quality both in the look and functionality of our apps.

Visit our apps promo page to see more on what they are about and download them.



Q.A. and C.I.

  • Support and improve tools for continuous builds, automated testing and release management

  • Manage and improve our release process with a focus on efficiency, monitoring and automated performance reporting

  • Perform code reviews and ensure intra-team code reviews have been completed up to our high quality standards

  • Build and maintain state-of-the-art tools needed during release pushes

  • Maintain Research & Development knowledge in current best practices

How to Apply

  1. Write an email to with a subject line and content that best represents your talent - let us know why you're awesome!

  2. Attach or link to your CV, Github and whatever else you think is relevant - show us your 1's and 0's!

After You Apply...

Step 1. Coding Challenge

We will send you a short coding challenge to give us a taste of your talent

Step 2. Phone Interview

We will give you a call to get to know your experience/interests

Step 3. In-person Interview

We will invite you to our office to tackle a problem with our team (and maybe play us in table tennis!)