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Being an online business, our Marketing & Content teams play a crucial role in making sure our customers always have the best possible shopping experience. These guys take responsibility for creating a descriptive website which allows our customers to always make an informed choice. 

Our marketing and content gurus are constantly analysing sales performance and customer behaviours and preferences, which means we can continuously improve the way we present products to our customers.

We have some pretty awesome graphic & digital designers who look after all things visual. Website graphics. Product images. Digital banners. EDMs. Landing pages. Editing & retouching. Alongside our copywriting rock stars who are tasked with writing the words that our millions of customers read, the team works together to help meet our goal of making the customer journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible!

With marketing campaigns that reach millions of Australians every day, there is always a new challenge. Everyone in the team is expected to take ownership of important aspects of our marketing, content and graphics production, and we throw it all their way. So get ready!

Think you've got what it takes? Keep an eye on our Current Opportunities page for your next chance to join our team!