Our dynamic Finance team break all the finance and accounting stereotypes you can think of. There’s no stuffy suits and ties. No sitting in the corner with a calculator crunching numbers all day long. And these guys would much rather chat to you about the trendiest cafes and restaurants in Melbourne than your tax return!

Working in a highly agile environment, every member of the Finance team is empowered to make important business decisions and take an active role in solving complex problems (many of which have never been solved before!) to constantly improve our business processes.

The team are fully across how each of our business units work and are expected to collaborate and share ideas with all our teams to ensure we are always delivering the best possible user experience to our customers.

So what do all of our successful candidates have in common?

A highly analytical mind.

A willingness to challenge the status quo, find a better way of doing things, and define and refine processes.

A passion for throwing themselves into truckloads of data and pulling out valuable information to create reports, financial models, and summaries that provide rich insights for the business.

Think you've got what it takes? Keep an eye on our Current Opportunities page for your next chance to join our team!