We are a team of passionate engineers building one of the most visited retail stores in Australia.  The features we build are experienced by hundreds of thousands of users each day and we rely on common sense, data and metrics to build the best shopping experience for our customers.

Our team builds and maintains the flagship Kogan.com and Dicksmith.com.au stores, several internal microservices, sourcing platforms, and native apps.

We are responsible for the entire development lifecycle; ideation, design and business analysis, development, QA, and deployment to multiple hosting platforms (including AWS & Heroku).

We work closely with the business stakeholders to push the bounds of e-commerce, using technology to reduce operational costs and improve customer experience.

We deliver at a very fast pace.  We are proud to see the software we build go live daily.  We have time to solve engineering problems - but we don’t work on something for weeks or months before shipping. Rather, we deliver quality software in a way that ensures we are delivering value to our customers early and often.

Examples of the tech we build / problems we solve are:

  • Providing customers with a unified, performant and cross platform shopping experience using Single Page Apps and Responsive Web Design.

  • Presenting relevant marketing messages, products and after purchase information to customers and refining this through data analytics.

  • Improving developer productivity through automated tests, continuous integration and automation.

We’re looking for a Senior Javascript Developer to join us in Kogan.com’s offices in South Melbourne (easily accessible by public transport).

You’ll enjoy Daytona, Table Tennis, Point Blank, Pinball and a well-stocked Kitchen.  South Melbourne Market, Bay Street Shops, South Wharf and the beach are all a short stroll away :)

You’ll be joining our technology team:

  • Highly motivated top performing team. We encourage each other to do more, learn more and push the boundaries of what we can build. We have fortnightly tech talks (with lunch provided) to keep sharp and learn new things.

  • We practice our take on an Agile, Kanban process and run daily stand-ups in front of a beautifully maintained physical wall.  We’ve built an open source Trello Card Printer ‘e-Claire’ to keep our digital cards synced with the physical wall cards. We run regular retrospectives to continually improve our processes.

  • Our developers are keen to learn and are able to build software in vertical slices across the full stack.

  • We’re dedicated to keeping our stack modern and relevant by incrementally improving and not letting code get left behind.

  • Quality and Automation are a first class citizens. We test each other’s code and believe in automation instead of manual repetition.

  • We’re trusted to make technology and architectural decisions – we don’t have hoops to jump or paperwork to fill to try new technologies or services.

  • We ship to production daily and use continuous integration and infrastructure as code processes to ensure we don’t release critical bugs to our customers.

  • We get involved in the tech community – we run Tech Talks, Hack Days and the React JS Melbourne Meetup, host and attend other meetups and conferences and open source work where we think the community will benefit.

On Day 1, you’ll be working on this stack:

  • The Kogan.com Frontend is mostly React. We still have some backbone and handlebars views that need ‘Reactifying’ but our new code is written in React JS & Redux.

  • Our back-end servers are distributed, auto scaling Python/Django apps interfacing with multiple services and technologies including AWS APIs, Elasticsearch, Postgresql, Redis, SaltStack, Docker, Node.

  • We run a highly available infrastructure setup using configuration management, cloud formation and CDNs for end user performance.

  • We have built dashboards in the office to monitor our key metrics and health stats – but also deep dive with tools like New Relic, Sentry and Sumo Logic.

As you settle in, You'll BE:

  • Working with the team and CTO to establish short and long term plans for the front end technology roadmap – including topics like performance, responsiveness, UX standardization and testing frameworks.

  • Leading and Mentoring our team in front-end practices and development.

  • Working with React, SASS, Webpack, etc to build complex single page apps that perform well for our users.

  • Analysing, breaking down and delivering complex initiatives leading a project team from conception to production and evaluate the success of the project using metrics.

In order to succeed, you’ll need these skills:

  • Strong programming fundamentals – particularly in Javascript, React JS, CSS, SVG and HTML.

  • Experience monitoring and improving front-end performance both at an individual level and setting a performance budget for the team to meet.

  • Ability to drive technology projects from conception through to production.

  • Accountability.  You make your commitments and communicate your progress to the team – both the good news and the bad news.

  • An eye for design and desire to build elegant functional software.

  • Be across new development patterns, technologies and ways of working. You’ll speak out and persuade the team to try a different approach where you know it will improve things.

  • Strong business and communication skills – you will be interacting with business leaders daily.

  • Experience working in an Agile team of five or more developers.

  • An entrepreneurial attitude that gets high-quality projects done quickly (we’re a fast paced team – we love seeing our code hit production and we break big projects up into small units so we deliver to our customers more quickly).

So what’s next?

Want to read more?  Our engineers write a blog at https://devblog.kogan.com and there is more information about working at Kogan.com on our careers site: https://careers.kogan.com 

If this sounds like a role you’d like to fill one day, but don’t yet have the experience, let us know - we may have a role for you.

If you’d like to apply – send an email to dev.jobs@kogan.com with your experience (CV, GitHub, projects etc) and why you’re a fit for the role.  Please ensure the subject line starts with [SFE-201709]